Lego Star Wars: The Resistance Rises (Disney XD)


Lego Star Wars: The Resistance Rises (Disney XD) – Starts 15th February

Linked in to the Episode 7 film, The Resistance Rises is a 6 minute long short, which lack any of the humour of Lego Star Wars: Droid Tales and manages to squeeze what would be a full plot of an episode of Star Wars Rebels into it’s runtime.

It just comes across as a half arsed rush job to jump on to the popularity of the film. Disappointing.



Fuck That’s Delicious (Viceland)


Fuck, That’s Delicious (Viceland) – Starts 3rd March  – Renewed

Action Bronson and his musical cohorts travel around the country playing gigs, after which they head off to a recommended eateries, try their wears and have a lovely time.

It’s a bit like Fluffy Breaks Even but without the exercising.


Flophouse (Viceland)


Flophouse (Viceland) – Starts 3rd March

Stand up show in the same vein as The Meltdown with Johan and Kumail that features five comedians preforming a live show in the garage of the house known as a crash pad for travelling comics.

Inbetween the sets there are clips of the comedians looking round the gaff and generally commenting on its condition and mucking about, while the sets themselves are the usual five minute clips.

Even though the clips are too short to get into it properly it does enough to make it worth a watch.


Balls Deep (Viceland)


Balls Deep (Viceland) – Starts 2nd March – Renewed

Vices take on Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends, Thomas Morton is the awkward nerdy version of Louie as he goes a visits little documented lifestyles and cultures, and joins in with their day-to-day lives as he interviews and takes part with what they do.

If you like Weird Weekends then this does the same job along with throwing in the unintentional comedy of watching Morton having to any physical activity.



Weediquette (Viceland)


Weediquette (Viceland) – Starts 1st March – Renewed

Marijuana centric investigative show that looks into how the different applications of the drug are being used and the impact is has on them. In the first ep it looks into the medicinal properties of the drug against cancer interview people that claim the drug helped get them into remission and that producers of the medical versions of the drugs and how unregulated drug production produces inconsistent product.

It’s all interesting enough but it doesn’t seem that there theres that much in the subject to last a whole series.


Love (Netflix)


Love (Netflix) – Starts 19th February – Renewed

Comedy about Gus a Woody Allen-esque neurotic whose relationship ends after his girlfriend admits to cheating on him, and Mickey who splits with her cocaine loving boyfriend.

It follows them trying to get back into the dating game, and plays out like every lo-fi romantic comedy known to man.