Nicole & Jionni’s Shore Flip (FYI)


Nicole & Jionni’s Shore Flip (FYI) – Starts 24th February

Another house renovation show, but this time with Snooki from Jersey Shore, as she and her husband decide that flipping houses is gonna be their new thing. With the help of their estate agent friend, they find a property and then have 9 weeks to do it up and sell it.

To help them with the renovation they have a group of builders to do the majority of the work leaving the couple to mostly do the decorating. They way the show is set up the whole series is centered on them working on the house where they tackle an area at a time.

Along with the usual DIY type stuff, it padded out with either Snooki screaming, them talking about what they’re doing at home with the family or talking to camera. Even for a renovation programme it’s hard work to get through.



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