MTV Suspect (MTV)


MTV Suspect (MTV) – Starts 24th February

Nev from Catfish teams up with iO Tillett Wright to answer two emails from the public, where the authors are worried about their friends and suspect they are hiding something from them.

Like Catfish they head off to meet the sender and quiz them about their friend, then instead of meeting that person and asking whats up, they then begin to make assumptions of what could be happening, phone and meet other friends where they build on their assumptions until the person they’re looking into calls and asks what the fuck they’re doing.

They then do the Catfish-esque meet and greet where they get to the bottom of what’s happening, where what’s revealed could have simply been found by going straight to the source from the off.

Almost everything about each case, bar the final segment, feels like filler and it drags on like you wouldn’t believe.



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