Bajillion Dollar Properties (Seeso)


Bajillion Dollar Properties (Seeso) – Starts 17th March – Renewed

Parodying such shows as Million Dollar Listing: San Francisco and Next Step Realty NYC five estate agents are pitted against each other to sell as many properties so they could become a partner in the company.

It does a good job in mocking the reality shows its based on, and has a few decent dumb moments that does enough to give it another watch.



Million Dollar Genius (History)


Million Dollar Genius (History) – Starts 26th February

Documenting three inventors and how they came to create the inventions that made them rich. All three stories follow the same structure where they find a problem they encountered in their day-to-day life and then spend a large amount of time and money in finding a solution to the problem and creating prototypes.

After the prototypes are made they all initially get knocked back when trying to sell their idea until they get a breakthrough, then the product sells a huge amount and many riches are earned.

For one episode it quickly becomes repetitive.


Fuller House (Netflix)


Fuller House (Netflix) – Starts 26th February – Renewed

The continuation of 80s comedy Full House, it puts the kids into the predicament that occurred in the original. The start of the show is set up to individually reintroduce the cast members so the crowd can cheer at them, while through in an Olsen twin comment much to the audiences approval.

What follows is the usual pissweak family sitcom jokes which are held together by callbacks to the original series. Be it New Kid On The Block dance routines, a song that I can only assume was sung a few times in the original, or a split screen whilst they were doing a Flintstone lullaby showing the current cast next to the archive footage.

Literally only of interest to those that liked the original and fancy watching 30 minutes of a cast reminisce about the old days.


MTV Suspect (MTV)


MTV Suspect (MTV) – Starts 24th February

Nev from Catfish teams up with iO Tillett Wright to answer two emails from the public, where the authors are worried about their friends and suspect they are hiding something from them.

Like Catfish they head off to meet the sender and quiz them about their friend, then instead of meeting that person and asking whats up, they then begin to make assumptions of what could be happening, phone and meet other friends where they build on their assumptions until the person they’re looking into calls and asks what the fuck they’re doing.

They then do the Catfish-esque meet and greet where they get to the bottom of what’s happening, where what’s revealed could have simply been found by going straight to the source from the off.

Almost everything about each case, bar the final segment, feels like filler and it drags on like you wouldn’t believe.


Nicole & Jionni’s Shore Flip (FYI)


Nicole & Jionni’s Shore Flip (FYI) – Starts 24th February

Another house renovation show, but this time with Snooki from Jersey Shore, as she and her husband decide that flipping houses is gonna be their new thing. With the help of their estate agent friend, they find a property and then have 9 weeks to do it up and sell it.

To help them with the renovation they have a group of builders to do the majority of the work leaving the couple to mostly do the decorating. They way the show is set up the whole series is centered on them working on the house where they tackle an area at a time.

Along with the usual DIY type stuff, it padded out with either Snooki screaming, them talking about what they’re doing at home with the family or talking to camera. Even for a renovation programme it’s hard work to get through.


Street Outlaws: New Orleans (Discovery)


Street Outlaws: New Orleans (Discovery) – Starts 22nd February – Renewed

Street racing shenanigans where after winning the national title, Kye Kelly decides on getting the local racers together so they can create their own local ranking system to find out who is the best, and help out when out of town racers come by and challenge them.

In it they go around introducing the other racers and they their vehicles of choice, get a challenge offered but one of the semifinalists of the national championship, and finishes up showing all the drag races including the side bets and trash talking.

It’s a bit like a racing version of Game Of Arms, where if you like league tables and internal competition it does the job.


Noisey (Viceland)


Noisey (Viceland) – Starts 1st March – Renewed

Documentary looking at the hometown and influences of a mainstream musical act. During the doc they interview friends, look at the climate in which they grew up and how other music acts in the area are trying to make it big, along with the subject of the doc explaining in their own words how everything came about.

It’s a solid, no frills, music documentary.