Stevie J & Joseline: Go Hollywood (VH1)


Stevie J & Joseline: Go Hollywood (VH1) – Starts 25th January

Spinoff from Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, Stevie J after being in rehab for three months heads off to Hollywood to produce his film That Time of the Month, leaving his missus Joseline behind due to her daring to record a song on her own.

Joseline then rocks up in town to have it out with Stevie and to act in the leading role. As well as showing off her terrible acting skills she reveals the plot of the film… a fella messes his girlfriend about without knowing that she is a bonafide witch. It’s gonna be box office stuff.

Along with a weapons grade amount of sass on display, there’s the multiple reality show arguments, Stevie getting news from the films other producers, Puff Daddy looking mildly confused and some more sass.

It’s all instantly forgettable guff.



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