Outsiders (WGN America)


Outsiders (WGN America) – Starts 26th January – Renewed

The Farrells, a reclusive clan of hillbillies living in the hills of Appalachia, are put under threat of eviction when the suits from a coal company target where they live due to the massive coal reserves in them there hills.

The sheriff in the town at the base of the hills does his best to tell the company that its in their best interest to not not go after it due to the Farrells being more than a little fighty, but the suits ignore the warnings and go ahead with their plan.

The clan itself are in the middle of a transition of leadership where the old mother was gonna hand over the ropes to her eldest son, which hits the rails after a returning member of the family translates the eviction notice to her eading the son to do some off the book tormenting of the town.

It’s a decent start.



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