Legends of Tomorrow (The CW)


Legends of Tomorrow (The CW) – Starts 21st January – Renewed

Another DC comic show on the CW where the characters that are not doing much in The Flash and Arrow are whisked off in a time travelling spaceship captained by a Time Lord Master, to help alter the future where Vandal Savage is destroying the planet.

Doctor Who The Time Master takes his freshly assembled team back to the 70’s where they meet up with a Vandal Savage expert to find out whereabouts they can to him before everything goes tits up. Though during their jaunt he lets slip the team were assembled not for their legendary status in the future, but down to the fact they were completely forgotten in the history books so could be pulled out of their timelines with little to no fuss caused.

It’s easily the weakest of the three DC shows, and just seems like an excuse to lighten the casts of the other two shows. For a first ep it’s a shoddy mess.



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