The Shannara Chronicles (MTV)


The Shannara Chronicles (MTV) – Starts 5th January – Renewed (moved channels to Spike)

Science fiction set in a time after modern civilisation has been eradicated and humans, elves, orcs and the likes inhabit the Earth.

Following a society of Elves during an initiation to find seven protectors of an enchanted tree that is keeping the forces of evil from rampaging the planet. The Elven princess who manages to make it into the seven, touches the tree and get a vision of a scorched Earth, soon after the tree beings to die and the evil entities start appearing on the planet.

Elsewhere a young lad is given some magical elf stones from his dying mother that once belonged to dad. After she passes he decides to leave and head of a village of healers to learn their ways, but instead crosses paths with a Druid who reveals that he is the key to defeat the impending shitstorm of evil approaching.

All in all it’s an average piece of fantasy.



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