Killing Fields (Discovery)


Killing Fields (Discovery) – Starts 5th January – Renewed

Docu-series where retired detective Rodie Sanchez is given permission to reopen the unsolved case of Eugenie Boisfontaine, a LSU grad student that was discovered in swampland after being missing for two months.

The police reinstate Rodie and put together a small team of three officers to help him out with the case files, DNA evidence and the like as well as his partner being the son of one of his old colleagues.

They go around reinterviewing witnesses and the owner of the bar that was the last known location that Eugenie was seen in, as well getting back into contact with former CIs in the hope that new information will be uncovered.

The main difference with this compared to Badlands Texas is that it’s following the police during the entirety of the case as it happens, as opposed to focusing on the effect the case has caused to the people in the town.

Worth a watch.




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