Diesel Brothers (Discovery)


Diesel Brothers (Discovery) – Starts 4th January – Renewed

Two diesel truck enthusiasts run a garage the restores, renovates and modifies any and all trucks that they get their hands on, mainly using part from ex-military vehicles.

As well as the garage they also have an website that acts as an Autotrader version for diesel trucks. For the site they do the occasional custom truck giveaway where they hope to regain the cost of the prize and then some to stop them drifting into debt along with getting more visitors to the site.

The show itself is pretty similar to any other vehicle renovation/modification show with problems happening at the last minute, the worrying if the client like what they’ve done and a majority of the staff awkwardly chatting to camera.

The only real differences that this one has is that they film some stupid stunts in the bid to make some viral videos to get more traffic to the website and it’s the only show of it’s type that i’ve seen that ends on a cliffhanger.

For what it is, it’s an average offering.




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