Billions (Showtime)


Billions (Showtime) – Starts 17th January – Renewed

A S&M loving US attorney, and owner of an unbeaten prosecution record, is being forced into bringing a case against a popular hedge fund guru whose company is under suspicion of insider trading.

With the extra hinderance of his wife working as an in-house psychiatrist for the company and the FBI sending in informant former employees, the attorney has to find a way of forcing the hedge fund guy into a mistake before he can begin the proceedings.

The only problem to this would be that the guy he’s trying to catch has an analytical gift of sniffing out any shitty deals that are brought to his attention. Along with being liked by the public after being the surviving member of a company that was wiped out during 9/11, leaving him to start a foundation that pays for the kids of the deceased employees to go to college.

As dramas go it tends to get a bit bogged down with the technicalities, but it’s watchable enough.



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