Deadliest Job Interview (Discovery)


Deadliest Job Interview (Discovery) – Starts 29th January

A show that follows a few applicants being put through their paces during their practical interviews for jobs that are pretty sketchy and carry a fairly high chance of serious injury. While the applicants themselves aren’t particularly interesting enough to carry even a small portion of the show, it’s more about the extremities of the jobs they’re going after that’s the fascinating bit.

It’s one for those that like to say “fuck that” loudly when watching anything with extreme heights or restricting spaces.



Machines: How They Work (Science Channel)


Machines: How They Work (Science Channel) – Starts 28th January

A short 20 minute show that features three machines, then goes into how they are made and the processes that go into the manufacture of them. All of which is pretty boring no matter how many time the voiceover bangs on about how impressive it is.

It’s some excruciatingly bland telly.


Little Women: Atlanta (Lifetime)


Little Women: Atlanta (Lifetime) – Starts 27th January – Renewed

Reality show about a group of women with dwarfism living in Atlanta, where it seems the main job for any small woman is to shake their arse in a nightclub. Along with the arse shaking are many arguments, arguments about people stealing their arse shaking idea, arguments about whether the woman that looks after the arse shakers is lying about dating a rapper, and arguments between one of the women and her boyfriend about her being pregnant.

It’s a Chinese water torture of shouting.


Outsiders (WGN America)


Outsiders (WGN America) – Starts 26th January – Renewed

The Farrells, a reclusive clan of hillbillies living in the hills of Appalachia, are put under threat of eviction when the suits from a coal company target where they live due to the massive coal reserves in them there hills.

The sheriff in the town at the base of the hills does his best to tell the company that its in their best interest to not not go after it due to the Farrells being more than a little fighty, but the suits ignore the warnings and go ahead with their plan.

The clan itself are in the middle of a transition of leadership where the old mother was gonna hand over the ropes to her eldest son, which hits the rails after a returning member of the family translates the eviction notice to her eading the son to do some off the book tormenting of the town.

It’s a decent start.


Stevie J & Joseline: Go Hollywood (VH1)


Stevie J & Joseline: Go Hollywood (VH1) – Starts 25th January

Spinoff from Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, Stevie J after being in rehab for three months heads off to Hollywood to produce his film That Time of the Month, leaving his missus Joseline behind due to her daring to record a song on her own.

Joseline then rocks up in town to have it out with Stevie and to act in the leading role. As well as showing off her terrible acting skills she reveals the plot of the film… a fella messes his girlfriend about without knowing that she is a bonafide witch. It’s gonna be box office stuff.

Along with a weapons grade amount of sass on display, there’s the multiple reality show arguments, Stevie getting news from the films other producers, Puff Daddy looking mildly confused and some more sass.

It’s all instantly forgettable guff.


Chelsea Does… (Netflix)


Chelsea Does… (Netflix) – Starts 23rd January

A documentary series where Chelsea Handler goes off to find out about things by stating her opinion and then not listening to anyone who differs from it. It’s a programme that makes anything on BBC3 with Stacey Dooley documenting look like cutting edge.

Along with the absolute nonsense of Chelsea looking into the subject, it’s broken up with segments of her fishing for compliments from a group of kids to other segments with her fishing for compliments from Jason Biggs and his wife.



It’s Not You, It’s Men (OWN)


It’s Not You, It’s Men (OWN) – Starts 23rd January

Well, this is weird. Tyrese from Furious 7 as well as other Fast And Furious films teams up with Rev Run, whose personal mission in having a programme on every network gathers pace. Together they offer their opinions on a plethora of relationship problems, where Tyrese’s offerings are pretty much the polar opposite of Runs, as well as chatting to a couple of guests about the topics.

It is really awkward viewing.