Patriot (Amazon)


Patriot (Amazon) – Starts 5th November – Renewed (Ordered to series)

Thriller about a slowly unravelling intelligence agent who works undercover within industrial companies to allow him access to countries where US agents cannot travel freely within.

Recruited for a new mission to transport money to Luxembourg which would be forwarded to Iraq for help foil their plans to create nuclear weaponry, his mission is blighted by shoddy intel that puts him more and more in risk.

Helped out by his congressman brother he manages to work his way out of the mishaps and keep his cover intact. Along with the intelligence work he also performs folk music where the lyrics are solely about the things he’s encountered on the job, like a Jack Johnson tribute singing about black op missions.

With the usual tension based undercover spy stuff it also has a couple of dark comedy moments that breaks it up adds to the watchability.



One Mississippi (Amazon)


One Mississippi (Amazon) – Starts 5th November – Renewed (Ordered to series)

Comedy where Tig Notaro returns to her hometown after her mother was involved in an serious accident that leads to her life support being turned off, Tig goes about accepting what happened and trying to work out how to move on.

It very much in the same style as the later series of Louie and to a lesser extent Maron and Legit where its a caricatured version of themselves, though in this case the humour is more subtle and darker.


Z: The Beginning Of Everything (Amazon)


Z: The Beginning Of Everything (Amazon) – Starts 5th November – Renewed (Ordered to series)

Period drama based on the life of Zelda Sayre, the future wife of F Scott Fitzgerald and all round party girl.

The pilot starts off during the time of WW2 where Zelda is in Montgomery, Alabama as she spends her time attending parties and mingling with servicemen just before they’re sent overseas much to the chagrin of her father.

Not much really happens, even in the way of exposition, and by the end of the episode it just feels like the bare minimum of any character development was done.

It’s one for the ladies.


Almost Genius (TruTV)


Almost Genius (TruTV) – Starts 29th December

Proving that Impractical Jokers was commissioned more through luck than judgement, and answering the question how can you completely fuck up the clip show format, TruTV gives you Almost Genius.

Taking at what could be at best described as below average clips, they then remove any potential humour by green screening themselves on top of it doing rubbish oneliners and generally taking away any focus on the clip.

An unrelenting torrent of badness.


Red Devil Racers (Discovery)


Red Devil Racers (Discovery) – Starts 28th December

A group of street racing enthusiasts have three days to mod and fine tune one of their cars to compete in a one off drag race against a rival team.

The fellas decide on whose gonna race by having an inter-team competition where half the cars break down, then spend the rest of the time trying to get the victors cars to make it the quickest they possibly can by using parts from the other cars.

For what it is there’s pretty little in the ways of modifying the cars and racing and more about the team itself. Which doesn’t make it that different to any other Discovery car programme.


Making A Murderer (Netflix)


Making A Murderer (Netflix) – Starts 18th December – Renewed

Documentary about Stephen Avery, who is wrongly convicted for 18 years for a crime he didn’t commit. After being freed when new DNA evidence is produced he returns to his hometown, where after trying to sue for wrongful imprisonment he is arrested for a murder he says he didn’t commit.

It’s similar to Paradise Lost where it goes over all the evidence used in the case with interviews and footage of the lawyers and relatives to to explain the possible discrepancies that the prosecution, though it doesn’t directly interview Avery but uses news/court footage and recorded prison calls to show his side of the events.

Well worth a watch.