The Expanse (SyFy)


The Expanse (SyFy) – Starts 14th December – Renewed

In the 23rd century the human race has inhabited the solar system, where the three main areas Earth, Mars and the Belters (a colony that mines asteroids of ice) are in a period of uneasy peace.

The show itself follows a detective in the asteroid belt who is tasked in finding the daughter of an important member of Earth, a mining vehicle that is heading home and encounters a ghost vessel that’s broadcasting a distress signal and the raised threat on Earth of Belters trying to organise attacks on valuable targets.

Unlike other SyFy shows like Killjoys and Dark Matter, The Expanse is a more serious in content and appears to have a proper budget behind it. It’s well worth a watch.



South of Hell (WE TV)


South of Hell (WE TV) – Starts 27th November

Supernatural horror where Mena Suvari is a woman that’s possessed by a demon who make her living by exorcising folks by devouring their evil spirits inbetween fortune telling during the day.

Aided by her junkie brother she ends up meeting a priest who takes her to the local mental institute to rid his daughter of a particularly stubborn entity. By the end she finds out that she knew the daughter from an incident that caused her to be initially possessed, and that the underworld are now trying to take over the Earth. But in particular Charleston.

For what it is, it just doesn’t work.


Badlands Texas (Nat Geo)


Badlands Texas (Nat Geo) – Starts 24th November

Docu-series that follows the inhabitants of Terlingua, a ghost town where people head off to to live off the grid. It starts out showing what the people get up to and how they ended up there, all the while slowly dropping hints that it’s becoming more of a dangerous place to live in.

By the end of the episode to reveals that one of the people that were being interview was murdered and that the series will be about the sheriff taking to find the perpetrator.

The whole ep is very slow paced where it appears to be going nowhere until the last ten minutes, but the ending does enough to make you wanna watch the next one.


Jessica Jones (Netflix)


Jessica Jones (Netflix) – Starts 20th November – Renewed

Former superhero turned private detective Jessica Jones gets a case to find a missing student, only to find out that it links back to the reasons why she turned her back on her previous career.

The first ep is used to get the whole backstory up to speed and to give a hint on what will be coming.  It’s not as accessible as Daredevils opening was but it does have a similar dark quality about it and also a nice film noir vibe to it.


The Art of More (Crackle)


The Art of More (Crackle) – Starts 19th November – Renewed

Auction house drama where a former soldier with a penchant of sealing antiquities whilst liberating nations gets a job at a New York company.

During his time of annoying co-workers with his ability to get big ticket items available for sale, a former colleague from his art reclamation days turns up asking for help to shift a few priceless artefacts.

This leads to a security guard being murdered and a possibility that the police may end up being on to them.

An incredibly tedious drama.


Into The Badlands (AMC)


Into The Badlands (AMC) – Starts 15th November – Renewed

Set in a post apocalyptic future where cars and motorcycles still work but no one has a gun, the badlands are controlled by 7 barons that are about to go to war against each other.

It follows Sunny, the notorious assassin for the Baron Quinn, who saves a kidnapped slave only to find out that he comes from the same city as him that he believed no longer exists.

On top of that discovery a newly installed Baron is intent on taking down his boss to control the badlands and it’s quite prolific opium production.

Added to that is a plethora of martial art fights scenes which are probably the highlight of the whole thing.

Well worth a watch.


Spotless (Esquire)


Spotless (Esquire) – Starts 14th November – Renewed

A French crime scene cleaner living in London is roped into a shady drug deal after the local police don’t renew their contract with his company. His brother turns up with a dead drug mule asking for his help to remove the contraband and in return will split the profits with him.

Whilst being the rarest of rare things, a good programme on Esquire, it has a fair few nods towards Lock Stock and is well worth a watch.