The Romeo Section (CBC)


The Romeo Section (CBC) – Starts 14th October – Renewed

Drama where a Scottish professor with a german sounding name is a spymaster looking after his assets whilst they infiltrate an Asian drug rings and other such nefarious organisations on behalf of the Canadian government.

The first ep is a slow burner of a starter, that sets up the basics nicely whilst not going too much into the story. Though even though not too much happens it’s more than entertaining enough.



Truth Be Told (NBC)


Truth Be Told (NBC) – Starts 16th October – Cancelled

Run-of-the-mill laughter track fuelled sitcom involving two couples doing couple based things. It doesn’t offer anything new, and what it does do has been done umpteen times before.

The sort of comedy that is in the same ballpark as The Carmichael ShowYour Family or Mine and Clipped, where the crowd laughter happens once every ten seconds and each time they laugh it sounds more and more forced.



Natural Born Monsters (Weather Channel)


Natural Born Monsters (Weather Channel) – Starts 12th October

A wildlife programme on the Weather Channel, where the only like to what station it’s being shown on is the occasional chat about how weather could effect the animals evolution.

During the show they try to hunt down the origins of mythical creatures by searching the area to find similar animals that could have been the source of the legend.

It generally involves a load of the host getting close up to deadly animals, a bit like Steve Irwin did but without the charisma.


The Brain With David Eagleman (PBS)


The Brain With David Eagleman (PBS) – Starts 14th October

Science programme hosted by neurosurgeon David Eagleman who shows how the brain works using various experiments, and talks to people who perceive information differently and explains why they differences happen.

For a science programe it’s varied enough to keep it interesting, and explains itself in simple enough terms to keep it accessible. Sort of like a brain centric version of Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey.


The Westbrooks (BET)


The Westbrooks (BET) – Starts 14th October

Vapid nothingness where five sisters have dedicated themselves on taking an endless array of selfies to become popular on Instagram. This somehow means they’ve now got a TV show, a show that follows them bitching at each other in between them discussing how they can promote their “brand”.

It almost makes the shit made by the Kardashians look highbrow.


Crazy Ex Girlfriend (The CW)


Crazy Ex Girlfriend (The CW) – Starts 12th October – Renewed

A musical comedy about a woman that ditches her highly paid job to go to the other side of the country in the bid to hook up with a bloke she once dated during camp.

With the musical side to the show it’s more akin to Flight of the Concords and Garfunkle and Oats, where there’s only two or three songs that happen in the episode, though the songs are more in line with musicals that the aforementioned.


Middle Of The Night Show (MTV)


Middle Of The Night Show (MTV) – Starts 8th October

Chat host where the guest host is woken up by the show turning up into their hotel room. Along with the disorientated host, there’s a fair few pre recorded skits where the main folks of the programme do various things with the public. In between these they get the guest host out and about in the town doing a couple of surprise games and the like.

Whilst it’s not the worst new programme to appear on MTV, it’s still not good.