Pirate Treasure Of The Knights Templar (History)


Pirate Treasure Of The Knights Templar (History) – Starts 12th September – Cancelled

A historian and an underwater explorer team up to hunt down the lost riches of the Knights Templar. Instead of heading off to Oak Island where the History Channel has taught us that the treasure is rumoured to be sitting at the bottom of 10x, they use an ivory Jesus discovered in Madagascar as the starting point.

With that the historian heads off to Israel to find the backstory of the Jesus whilst the explorer chap goes to Madagascar to do some aquatic archeology. With everything they find out there is more than hint of the two jumping to conclusions without checking of facts.

Even on shows such as Curse Of Oak IslandTreasure Quest: Snake IslandCurse Of The Frozen Gold or Legend of the Superstition Mountains the treasure hunters seem to at least ask for expert opinions or try to get anything they find analysed. With this it’s just assumption and a fair bit of Templar history.



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