Sneaky Pete (Amazon)


Sneaky Pete (Amazon) – Starts 7th August – Renewed (Ordered to series)

Before leaving prison, conman Marius gets in contact with his brother to find out that he still owes $100k to some undesirable elements and that they want the cash asap. He then decides to do the right thing and assumes the identity of his cellmate Pete, and goes to live the grandparents that Pete hasn’t seen since he was 10 years old, whilst he tries to get everything sorted.

At the grandparents Marius finds out that the family business is working in bail bonds, and is then roped into helping out catch any bond jumpers. Meanwhile the criminals he owes the cash to have held his brother captive, and have set a 7 day deadline for the debt to be settled before they start removing his brothers appendages on a daily basis.

Even though it’s not the worlds most original programme, it’s a decent watch.



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