Narcos (Netflix)


Narcos (Netflix) – Starts 28th August – Renewed

Drama based on the life of Pablo Escobar and the attempts of the Colombian and US law agencies trying to catch him.

A DEA agent relocates to Colombia and works with the Search Bloc, tipping them off with any information of the whereabouts of cartel members and turning a blind eye to the result of the impending firefights.

It also goes into the back story of Escobar, and how he moved into the drug logistics business. Starting off with meeting a chap called the Cockroach and then growing from sending one smuggler on a flight to Miami to creating the busiest smuggling route in the business, all the while bribing and killing anyone that dare hinder him.



The Last Goodbye (LMN)


The Last Goodbye (LMN) – Starts 22nd August

A shonky medium heads off to meet a family to spout vague statements in the hope that it sound that she can communicate with the spirit world. The family itself is given the first half of the show to go through their backstory, the people they’ve lost and how they lost them.

The medium then gets involved in the second half and shows off her mad skills, a highlight being after two twenty something girls say their mother is dead, the medium woman fires back the classic “she died young, true?”.

I don’t know how she does it.


Curse Of The Frozen Gold (History)


Curse Of The Frozen Gold (History) – Starts 26th August

In the same vein as The Curse Of Oak IslandLegend of the Superstition Mountains and Treasure Quest: Snake Island, a team of assorted treasure hunters head off to British Columbia to try and find the gold laden location of Slumach’s Gold. An untapped amount of gold supposedly worth billions, with the downside of it being cursed moments before Slumach was hung.

The treasure hunters have 8 weeks to explore all the possible locales of the hidden riches before winter and the snow kick in making the area unexplorable.

For a treasure hunting show it does the job.


Monica The Medium (ABC Family)


Monica The Medium (ABC Family) – Starts 25th August – Renewed

A reality show following the trials and tribulations of a 20 year old college student who is entering her junior year, trying to find a boyfriend and who for the life of her cannot stop communicating with the dead.

At a barbecue where drinking games are happening she throws the brakes on proceedings to talk to a lad about his dead dad, at the nail salon a simple manicure ends with Monica passing on the thoughts of deceased relatives to a couple of employees, and going clothes shopping for a blind date almost everyone in the store has a resident of the afterlife desperate for a chat with them.

It is incredible Monica can get anything done.


Big Crazy Family Adventure (Travel Channel)


Big Crazy Family Adventure (Travel Channel) – Starts 29th July

Travel show where the Kirkby family are on a 13,000 mile, 96 day jaunt to go from their home in Canada to a monastery in the Himalayas. To sample more of the world and to make the journey last the 96 days. the Kirkbys refuse to use air travel, but any other form of transport is fair game.

If you enjoy watching holiday videos of a family you don’t know, then you can do no wrong here.


Public Morals (TNT)


Public Morals (TNT) – Starts 25th August – Cancelled

Set in the 60’s where the New York police do less a master class corrupt policing where instead of stopping illegal goings on, get in on the management and running of various nefarious activities.

It follows a cop in the public morals division who has a say in what activities can and can’t happen in the city, and the few of his colleagues who take a varying degree of leniency of things going on.

A pretty standard cop show.


Rachael Ray’s Kids Cook-Off (Food Network)


Rachael Ray’s Kids Cook-Off (Food Network) – Starts 24th August

Cooking competition where 8 kids are facing off against each other to win a $20k culinary scholarship and the chance to have their own web show on, all the while their parents are watching the action in a separate room.

The show is split into two rounds, the first round gives the winner immunity whilst the make a dish from a given theme and also do a 20 second filmed segment during the task. The second round the kids we paired up for the challenge and worst performing team are put up in front of the judges and one is sent home.