Scream (MTV)


Scream (MTV) – Starts 30th June – Renewed

Set in the small town of Lakewood, a masked knife and murder enthusiast goes about terrorising the teenage population whilst he works his way up to dish out stabby gratification to the leading female character.

The serial killer/horror nerd of the school handily fills in the backstory that 20 years previous, a man with the face of John Merrick went on a killing spree after becoming infatuated with a woman. One the night he goes to give the girl a gift, and the local teens kick the proverbial out him thinking he was attacking her. This escalated with the lad getting shot by the cops and the body falling in the lake.

Taking a leaf out of the films book where the nerd explains horror movie structure, the one in this show takes ample time why slasher films can’t convert to the small screen, and explaining what will be happening in the future.

It’s not a bad start, but very much on par with MTVs other serial killer show Eye Candy. Though with this pretty much being a 7 and a half hour long take on the film, it’s understandably a bit of a slow burner.




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