Boston EMS (ABC)


Boston EMS (ABC) – Starts 25th July – Renewed

Exactly the same deals as fellow ABC show Save My Life: Boston Trauma, Boston EMS focuses on the ambulance crews going to calls and treating injured folk.

Like Save My Life the outgoing emergency call precedes each response, and as well witnessing what happens on the job each responder talks about the effect and job satisfaction their profession has on them.



Race To Escape (Science Channel)


Race To Escape (Science Channel) – Starts 25th July

Two teams of three strangers are given one hour to escape the room they are trapped in to win up to $25,000. To escape they have to solve five clues, each of which give a code to enter to unlock of one of the vault pins, and the first team out wins the prize.

The game itself is reminiscent of the Crystal Maze where it slowly becomes more infuriating to watch the teams struggle to solve some obvious clues. A whilst the competition side of it is entertaining, the presenter seems to suck the fun out of it when it just starts to pick up, along throwing in scientific explanations on why the teams are doing certain things.

If they dropped the unneeded science chat, the show would be more enjoyable. But even still it’s a half decent watch.


Rusty’s Rockfeast: Backstage with Zac Brown Band (FYI)


Rusty’s Rockfeast: Backstage with Zac Brown Band (FYI) – Starts 23rd July

The Zac Brown Band hosts a pre-gig meal for around 150 selected fans for each show they do, so they have a mobile kitchen that chef Rusty is in charge of. For each town they visit Rusty acquire the ingredients from local places and has eight hours in total to create and cook the menu before the fans arrive.

Along with all the cooking there’s numerous little interview/conversations explaining how the idea to feed some of the fans came about, talking about life on the tour and Zac Brown mentioning more than once how “food is my life”.

Even with the unique conditions they work in, it still isn’t that interesting of a show.


Reactor (SyFy)


Reactor (SyFy) – Starts 16th July – Cancelled

The reincarnation of The Wil Wheaton Project is here, and it’s exactly the same but with a new title. The new fella does exactly what WIl did, and delivers laboured joke after laboured joke relating to clips of current tv shows. Then finishes it with an awkward interview all backed with forced laughter from an audience that should know better.

A massive torrent of crap.


Missing In Alaska (History)


Missing In Alaska (History) – Starts 24th July

Three fellas (an ex cop, an expert in local mythology, and a known TV cryptozoologist) go on the hunt to discover why there have been many unexplained aircraft disappearances over Alaskan airspace. From the off it’s mentioned that there is an “Alaskan triangle”, similar to the Bermuda triangle but this one covers almost the entire state.

As the go in search of the wreckage of a missing plane they interview locals that have knowledge of the area and the possible flight path, use the classic ghost hunting tool the EMP counter to detect a possible vortex and trudge around on foot in possible crash sites.

By the end of it there is absolutely no evidence of the Alaskan triangle, and another 45 minutes has been wasted.


Blue Collar Millionaires (CNBC)


Blue Collar Millionaires (CNBC) – Starts 15th July – Renewed

A show that focuses on people that have made their millions doing the less than glamourous jobs. Along with briefly recapping on how they started up and grew the business, it goes into the company turnover and how their businesses are expanding.

It then descends into a Cribs-esque section where the homes and luxury items are shown off with the price tags appearing on screen.

Basically it’s just a show where rich folk get to show off the stuff they have.


Home Free (Fox)


Home Free (Fox) – Starts 22nd July – Renewed

Like the bastard offspring of Beach Flip and Blood, Sweat & Tools, Home Free has 9 couples working with and against each other to renovated one house a week where the last couple standing get a newly built house.

The first round is a small challenge set for one couple to win so they can select both teams for the renovation, ad whether their team works on the interior or the exterior. The next and main round is where both the selected teams have three days to bring the house up to a liveable standard. At the end of the three days their work is evaluated by three judges and one team wins.

Amongst the losing team one couple is deemed the worst performers and eliminated. But with the twist that the eliminated couple win the house that has just been worked on.