Preach (Lifetime)


Preach (Lifetime) – Starts 5th June – Cancelled

Following four female preachers who believe that god has given them the ability to predict future events, cure addictions, and in one of the more outlandish claims you’ll hear, bring people back from the dead. Yep one of these con artists said she brought someone back from the dead.

Labelling themselves “Prophetesses”, they each have a protege where they teach them the essential skills of selling promotional materials, let them take part in rehearsal sermons where they can join in and pretend to speak in tongues and do general unpaid intern stuff.  The proteges absolutely love doing this stuff, though one asks about how to deal with a family problem where their muslim mother doesn’t understand what her newly christian daughter is doing. The advice, cut herself out of the family. It’s borderline Scientology stuff.

There’s also the must watch reality standards of all four “Prophetesses” meeting up, bitching about each other and turning the power of the sass up to eleven.




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