Swerved (WWE Network)


Swerved (WWE Network) – Starts 22nd June

The WWE have roped in Jeff Tremaine to do a Jackass light show where wrestlers and presenters perform practical jokes on wrestlers. The show contains three skits that are drawn out to such an extent that the punchline isn’t worth it.

Interspersed with the jokes are numerous bits of filler involving fans saying not much to camera.

A waste of 20 minutes.



Lego Star Wars: Droid Tales (Disney XD)


Lego Star Wars: Droid Tales (Disney XD) – Starts 6th July

The third Star Wars animation on Disney X.D goes away from previous instalments Clone Wars and Rebels by adding Lego and parodying the three prequels.

It’s more than a little reminiscent of the Robot Chicken Star Wars episodes, and has some genuine laugh out loud moments.

A surprising good comedy considering it’s on a kids channel.


Billy and Billie (Audience Network)


Billy and Billie (Audience Network) – Starts 3rd March – Cancelled

Comedy drama following Billy and Billie, a couple that have just had their first sexual liaison and are contemplating whether to take the relationship forward. Also thrown into the mix is Billys recent conquest of his boss at work and a couple of his co-workers deducing what happened.

Along with that there’s also the small problem that Billy and Billie are Stepbrother and sister. A bit of an awkward situation.

Comedy wise it’s more in common with Togetherness where there aren’t any of the classic sitcom comedy setups, just more wry observations.


Boom! (Fox)


Boom! (Fox) – Starts 25th June – Cancelled

Israeli game show adapted for the US time. Boom! challenges a team of three contestants to diffuse up to 7 “bombs” for the chance to win a maximum of $500k. Each “bomb” has a monetary value attached it and for the contestant to diffuse it each wire is linked to an answer. They have to cut all the correct answers and they win the round. However, if they get it wrong the bomb explodes covering them and the first two rows of the audience in an array of gunge.

It’s silly but could lose it’s appeal quickly. Once you’ve seen a few people getting covered in mustard there’s not much else it offers.


BBQ With Franklin (PBS)


BBQ With Franklin (PBS) – Starts 21 May

Renowned barbecue cook Aaron Franklin goes through the different techniques and processes of slow cooking meats. Along with the cooking there’s a couple of interviews with other cooks and reviewers about the changes and developments of barbecuing.

It’s alright though the interview segments don’t add much to the show.


First Peoples (PBS)


First Peoples (PBS) – Starts 24th June

Looking into the humans to inhabit a region, the programme looks into the possible migration routes, weaponry used and their possible social structure. Along with this there the usual experts imparting their sometimes contradictory knowledge, tied together by narration that regularly gets drowned out by the background music.

Despite the sound mixing problems making some important information inaudible, it’s watchable but the slow pace does make it drag somewhat.