Supergirl (CBS)


Supergirl (CBS) – Starts 26th October – Renewed

A show that laughs in the face of backstory, Supergirl manages to get the viewers up to speed about her arrival on Earth and relationship to Superman within 5 minutes. It then goes straight into a montage of crime fighting showing our heroine getting up to speed with her powers and costume design.

Handily her sister has been secretly working for the DoEO (Department of Extranormal Operations), where her boss does some top level sexisms whilst discounting the usefulness of having someone from Krypton working for the team.

The DoEO also reveals that a ship full of convicts tagged along with Supergirls ship on her detoured journey to Earth. So along with an instant boat load of supervillains on hand to battle, they were also nice enough to hold back on their reign of terror until Supergirl made her first public appearance.

By the end of the episode the number of people that know the secret identity runs into double figures, and it comes across that CBS aren’t allowed to mention Superman by name. He’s constantly referred to as Him/He or Your/My cousin to the point you could have a half decent drinking game out of it.

All in all, it’s a run of the mill superhero show that’s short on content.



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