500 Questions (ABC)


500 Questions (ABC) – Starts 20th May – Renewed

Quiz show time, 500 Questions does exactly what it says on the tin. A contestant has to answer 500 questions, in 50 question blocks of 10 categories with 5 questions each. During the block the next potential competitor is also on stage ready to jump in for certain question types.

The contestant can be eliminated if they get three questions wrong on the bounce, after the second wrong consecutive answer the challenger gets to nominate the question subject. The challenger also gets to play in any “Battle” question, where the contestant and challenger alternate in answering until one gets it wrong.

Along with the “Battle” question, there is also a Top Ten Challenge (Get 5 answers of 10) where the contestant has the choice to take it on or pass it to the challenger in the hope they’ll get it wrong, and a triple threat, a question with three answers.

Along with this if the contestant get to certain landmark points they are guaranteed certain cash amounts.

A pretty standard quiz.



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