Stitchers (ABC Family)


Stitchers (ABC Family) – Starts 2nd June – Renewed

A secret government project ropes in a recently suspended uni student (Kirsten) that suffers with temporal dysplasia, to be “stitched” into the minds of dead people to access their memories to gain information on why they were murdered.

After rummaging around the deceases memories, Kirsten goes against the agency to head into the field to solve the case with one of the scientist bods.

The show is pretty similar to iZombie where the main protagonist has access to the murder victims scattered thoughts and has to piece together the events themselves. Though where iZombie obviously has the living dead angle, Stitchers has more in keeping with Intelligence with the secret government project take on things, along with the main character wanting to find out the truth of the death of someone close to them.

If you like iZombie then this is worth a watch.



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