Aquarius (NBC)


Aquarius (NBC) – Starts 28th May – Renewed

Set in the late 60’s an old school detective teams up with a young undercover cop to find a girl kidnapped by folk singer and famed psychopath Charles Manson.

It’s a standard crime drama where the cops bend the rules, intimidate informants and beat up ne’er do wells to get the job done. Whilst this is going on Manson is making great work in forming his cult and forwarding his musical career by extorting the father of the kidnapped girl to arrange meetings with record execs and getting money to record demos.

It’s a lightweight Hannibal.



3AM (Showtime)


3AM (Showtime) – Starts 28th May

Documenting a few different folks in New York on what they get up to in the build up to 3am. The show follows an escort who liaises with a gent more awkward than Alan Partridge, a club photographer intent in getting drunk women to flash their tits, an flamboyant drag queen working as gay club doorman/fashionista and a fella known as The Fat Jew who is borderline insane.

It’s very similar to Nightwatch in the way it documents the evening which is unsurprising since its made by the same people, but this take on it is a more interesting watch.


I Can Do That (NBC)


I Can Do That (NBC) – Starts 26th May – Renewed

A variety show where six celebs get to watch three acts of varying genres, such as modern dance, the Harlem Globetrotters doing the basketballs and Penn & Teller. Whilst watching the act perform the first celeb that get to the top illuminated step of the stage gets to perform the same act with another celeb of their choosing.

After the selections are done there’s the standard montage of the weeks training and then it goes into the performances. The performances for some reason are reviewed by the 4 other celebs and the winner is chosen my an audience vote.

After the winner has been picked the celebs watch another three acts to pick the ones they want to perform for the next show.


The Briefcase (CBS)


The Briefcase (CBS) – Starts 27th May – Cancelled

Two couple that are suffering financial hardship are both given a suitcase filled with $101k, they are then told that they can spend 1k on whatever they want but with the remaining $100k they can either keep it all, or give the other family all the money or a split of the amount.

Neither couple know the other has been given a briefcase full of cash so the show revolves around watching people in need of a financial windfall debating how much to give another family in similar circumstances.

It comes to a head where, after the families have seen how the others live, have finalised the amount they want to give then meet each other for the big reveal. The obvious endgame for this is for one couple to come out $200k the richer and to get a nice argument caught on camera.

I have no idea why this was made.


Bullseye (Fox)


Bullseye (Fox) – Starts 27th May – Cancelled

Showing a total disregard in what an actual bullseye is, this game show has four men and four women competing against each other to win $50k over three elimination rounds.

First round is a battle of the genders where half of them will get through, the contestants are hanging from a helicopter where the have to drop a weight onto a target. The top two from each gender that get the closest to the bullseye progress. This is the only time when they talk about bullseyes they’re actually talking about proper bullseyes.

The next round was a bungie dive into a pool where they have to collect as many of the targets as possible. Then the final round involves driving a buggy around a track and knocking over all the targets in the quickest time possible.

A show where the title came first and the round ideas came a distant last. A mockery to the fine darts based legacy of Jim Bowen.


Mr. Robot (USA)


Mr. Robot (USA) – Starts 24th June – Renewed

Centered on Elliot an anti-social programmer at a cybersecurity firm, who by night is a vigilante hacker. Due to working on the security for E Corp, a large multinational company that’s currently being targeted by an unknown group of hackers, Elliot gets enlisted by the aforementioned to help take down its CEO.

With the 80’s electro and computer programming segments being reminiscent of Halt and Catch Fire, the narration and Elliots doubting of his own sanity is very much like Fight Club.

It felt more like a film than a tv show, and is the best opening episode to a programme since True Detective.


The Island (NBC)


The Island (NBC) – Starts 26th May – Cancelled

US remake of the British programme of the same name, Bear Grylls sends 14 regular chaps off to a deserted island for a month and they have to survive and document their time there.

Similar to Naked and Afraid the “contestants” are equipped with the most basic of essentials, though they are clothed. Along with the fact they are not competing for a prize, but to see if they can adapt to the environment and last the allotted time.