Queens of Drama (Pop)


Queens of Drama (Pop) – Starts 26th April – Cancelled

Reality show about 6 daytime tv actresses and their plan to start up their own production company. Initially this starts out with four actresses who talk about making their own programme but without thinking up any ideas for one.

They then enlist a former actresses who dabbles in Exec Producing, and the thought of teaming up with four women who haven’t a clue of what they’re doing is too good to turn down. She immediately signs up and get’s her friend – a former actress now dabbling with writing – on board. The writer also comes across with having no ideas of a show to put forward.

After a meeting where one of the six storms off in a huff because all the singles line ideas from the table were dismissed, the exec producer one goes to meet someone at The CW. For some reason the idea of six actresses that have no plan what-so-ever on what they’re going to produce sounds good and he says they’re interested.

So at the end you have six women who generally can’t stand each other, working together in a production company that has no ideas.

This is shit.



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