8 Minutes (A&E)


8 Minutes (A&E) – Starts 2nd April – Cancelled

Pastor and former cop Kevin Brown runs the Safe Passage organisation which helps sex workers escape that life and start anew. The 8 minutes is a reference for the time limit they have to convince the worker on their intentions before the waiting pimps suspicions are aroused.

Whilst obviously not the most uplifting of source material, it’s an interesting show to watch with how they deal with the situations.



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  1. This show is so phony There is no way a prostitute can complete a session in 8 minutes. I have been dealing with the ladies for several years and only the very young have “managers”(pimps). I have been dealing with ladies in their 30s and 40s. The ladies that I associate with are independent providers that are with me by choice. The providers that I see spend any where from two hours to weekends with me and I treat all of them as ladies when I am with them.
    Very seldom have I heard of a white pimp. 95% or more are black and they manage the 17-25 year old girls. Any client(john) that I have met will never be involved with any under age provider. Why would I pay for sex with an untrained girl when for the same money I can experience the session with a woman that knows what she is doing?
    If you were to get into the real P/P hobby you would have a much better show.


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