Sons of Winter (Discovery)


Sons of Winter (Discovery) – Starts 28th April – Cancelled

Documenting the Barks family who live in the wilderness of the northern Canada, where they survive on their own hunting and trapping animals for food and the like.

The two eldest sons embark on a 90 day survival trip where they’re followed by a small crew showing how they’re learning on the job to adapt to the surroundings and provide for themselves.

An interesting watch.



Mark and Derek’s Excellent Flip (HGTV)


Mark and Derek’s Excellent Flip (HGTV) – Starts 28th April

Mark and Derek are professional dancers that appear on Dancing With The Stars, they’ve also decided to team up to renovate a home and hopefully sell it for a profit. Unlike other shows of this ilk the two don’t really get involved that much with the renovating. They have a site manager and a team of the finest Mexican labourers dealing with the real work.

The series is following them “flip” one house and going through each stage of development. They knock down a couple of walls, say what they’d like the place to turn out like, disappear for a couple of days and then peruse the teams completed work.


Swab Stories (VH1)


Swab Stories (VH1) – Starts 29th April

VH1s sub-par reality programming continues with gusto with Swab Stories, a show about a man that runs a DNA testing truck around New York. People rock up with DNA based queries, he gets his assistant to swab them then turns up a few days later with the results.

There’s very little about to give a toss about.


Queens of Drama (Pop)


Queens of Drama (Pop) – Starts 26th April – Cancelled

Reality show about 6 daytime tv actresses and their plan to start up their own production company. Initially this starts out with four actresses who talk about making their own programme but without thinking up any ideas for one.

They then enlist a former actresses who dabbles in Exec Producing, and the thought of teaming up with four women who haven’t a clue of what they’re doing is too good to turn down. She immediately signs up and get’s her friend – a former actress now dabbling with writing – on board. The writer also comes across with having no ideas of a show to put forward.

After a meeting where one of the six storms off in a huff because all the singles line ideas from the table were dismissed, the exec producer one goes to meet someone at The CW. For some reason the idea of six actresses that have no plan what-so-ever on what they’re going to produce sounds good and he says they’re interested.

So at the end you have six women who generally can’t stand each other, working together in a production company that has no ideas.

This is shit.


Spring Baking Championship (Food Network)


Spring Baking Championship (Food Network) – Starts 26th April – Renewed

A mixture of eight pro and amateur bakers compete against each other to win $50k. There’s three judges sampling their wears over two rounds, the first round winner is given an advantage of being the only baker allowed to use an ingredient of their choice. The worst performer over the both rounds are eliminated.

It’s the Food Network creating a cheap knock off of the Great British Bake Off, but replacing the laid back summer fete settings with their usual studio vibe.


Boomtowners (Smithsonian Channel)


Boomtowners (Smithsonian Channel) – Starts 26th April

A docu-series about the workers and residents of the towns in Bakken region of North Dakota and how the fracking industry effects them. It shows the long hours the workers work, one of the suspect new build homes that are already falling apart, how about 12 trucks can create a mobile fracking station and an old lady who’s worried about the environmental aspect of it all.

Whilst the majority of the focus is on how the industry works, everything about the impact of fracking seems to be added on as an afterthought. Especially since in the week leading up to the first episode The Daily Show highlighted that fracking has been linked to the rise in seismic activity in the area.