Hot GRITS (VH1) – Starts 25th March – Cancelled

VH1’s continuing mission to create the worse TV shows known to man continues with Hot GRITS. A group of young women who are from Valdosta, described by the girls as a rung below a one horse town,  also known as the 14th biggest city in Georgia.

It has an airport… I’m beginning to sense a false narrative.

Whilst pretending to live in a Deliverance-equse backwater there is the usual reality show nothingness teamed up with kicking out an ex-boyfriend from their home (you go girls), eating barbecued raccoon (ZOMG they’re so redneck!!!1!1!!!) and eating in nice restaurants (ZOMG they’re so… wait, what?).

Somehow this show manages to make classic VH1 shows like Totally Nicole, Barely Famous, Walk of Shame Shuttle and the rest seem like groundbreaking, must-watch TV.

It’s a fucking shambles.



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