Preachers of Detroit (Oxygen)


Preachers of Detroit (Oxygen) – Starts 18th Feb – Cancelled

As we know, back in the 80’s a group of rich pop stars decided to get together and record a pop song where the proceeds would go to the staving folk in Ethiopia. It made sense.

Fast forward to 2015, and former Detroit resident and known preacher Deitrick Haddon on a mission to record a song to help out Detroit (and whisper it, the rest of America). To make this song a success he does the the obvious thing and signs up seven local religious leaders. Their musical knowhow guarantees to make this tune a hit.

Most of these religious types seem to be mansion dwelling, millionaires with their churches sounding more like multinational franchises, so surely them donating a few quid to local charities would make more sense? This is never talked about. the show must go on.

They end up making the song after a brief tiff between Deitrick and Pastor Bullock, though the song just seems to be an opportunity to do an awkward video in a recording studio and a brief montage of Detroit landmarks.

In short, I don’t see the point of the song. Or the episode.

The rest of the series looks like everyone beats down on Pastor Bullock since he points out that the rest of them seem to have acquired a shitload of cash.



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