Eye Candy (MTV)


Eye Candy (MTV) – Starts 12th Jan – Cancelled

Three years after witnessing her younger sister being kidnapped whilst purchasing drive-thru burgers, Lindy is the go to 20 something searcher of missing people. She does this during her day job as a IT bod, and apparently she’s alright at it barring having an ankle tag from the police for her clumsy hacking of the missing persons lists.

But all is good, she gets the ankle tag removed and is instantly thrown into the world of Tinder-lite online dating by her best friend. Only problem, she’s now being stalked by a serial killer. So to find the killer she’s working with the cops hacking the app and trying to connect the corpse-like dots before she becomes a cropper.

Whilst this is filled some highly dubious acting and dialogue, the scene where she’s talking to a missing girls mother looks like they were running through the lines before the camera rolled, it’s watchable in an almost so bad it’s good way.

The highlight of the episode is getting the internal monologue of the murderer as he meets an online date, it is laughably bad. It’s reminds me of the short lived CW show Cult, which is a good thing if you’re after a passable bit of trash TV.



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