Close Up Kings (Syfy)


Close Up Kings (Syfy) – Starts 29th Jan

Three charisma-less close up magicians go around New York accosting people to witness their tricks, the people pretend to be amazed and then hopefully forget what just happened and get on with their lives. The magicians, not fazed by the get-the-fuck-away-from-me vibe of the public, want to do a Houdini style escape act in a scrapyard. Witnessed by eight scrapyard employees, the escape barely receives an applause.

Every single one of those employees should be given a prize and/or medal.



Mississippi Men (History)


Mississippi Men (History) – Starts 28th Jan

Mississippi Men is about the lives of the people who work on the Mississippi. A tug boat crew is sent to recover a ship, two fishermen take on a contact to catch a shedload of fish, and a pool hustler has decided to live on a raft and fleece every pool player he comes across.

The highlight is the pool player and his needless escape from a bar. He was jumping over fences where the front door was easily accessible.