Dark (Netflix)


Dark (Netflix) – Premieres 1st December

German drama set in the small town of Winden, where two months after his father had committed suicide, leaving a letter to be opened at a specific time. Jonas returns to school, finding out that one of his classmates Erik has been missing for almost two weeks.

After meeting up with his friend they agree to head to the local cave where Erik kept his stash of drugs so they could split it with each other and sell the rest. On the evening where they plan to raid the cave they are joined up with their friend who also happen to be the offspring of the principal. After getting the drugs, the gang are spooked by something coming from the cave leading them to make a hasty exit. When they regroup the notice the youngest of the principals kids Mikkel has gone missing.

While all of this is kicking off, a parents meeting at the school is interrupted by an old fella proclaiming that “It’s happening again”, the local copper who’s is married to the principal is continuing his affair with Jonas’ mum. And there is a couple of cuts to a bunker, made up as an 80’s bedroom with a decorated electric chair, which is housing Erik.

As opening episodes go, there is a lot happening all with a hinted time travel vibe. While it’s slow for it to reveal what is going on, it does keep the intrigue up nicely.



Sheffield Real Estate (FYI)


Sheffield Real Estate (FYI) – Premieres 30th November

Reality show where DeLeon Sheffield and her business partner and mother Debbie help their high end clients find the home of their dreams.

As well as showing their clients around three properties, DeLeon also has to ask her husband, former baseball player Gary, to smooth over any faux pas her mother has dropped. Then the show also adds in some bits of Gary looking after the kids as well as the obligatory interviews to camera.

As a mash up of a property and celeb reality show, the reality side seems to be tacked on as an afterthought, leaving it to be a rather bland home hunting show.


The Menendez Murders: Erik Tells All (A&E)


The Menendez Murders: Erik Tells All (A&E) – Premieres 30th November

A docu-series that covers the events of the Menendez murders. Along with interviewing the reporters that covered the story, as well as family members, work colleagues and the police officers that worked the case. The programme also has recent interviews from Erik Menendez where he tells his side of the story.

During the show it covers the build up to the murders, what happened on the evening in question and how the brothers were caught during the months afterwards. All the while using archive news footage, crime scene imagery and the occasional reenactment.

As crime documentaries go it’s an interesting watch.


It’s Suppertime (Viceland)


It’s Suppertime (Viceland) – Premieres 30th November

Chef Matty Matheson of Dead Set On Life fame hosts a straight up no frills cooking show. Each week Matheson shows how to make a meal with a difficulty rating of small, medium and big dog. Then as he makes the dishes he goes through what to do like a heavily tattooed Delia Smith.

Along with the cookery Matty meets up with a chef friend where they head off to a restaurant serving the same types of food he’s cooking up in the episode. And few snippets of Matty chatting to camera outside of the show where where he jokes about with Master Rang, and talks about the ingredients used and the sexual favours the well executed dish will get you.

It’s a decent cookery show that’s more informative than 90% of anything on dedicated cookery channels.


Cold Blooded: The Clutter Family Murders (Sundance TV)


Cold Blooded: The Clutter Family Murders (Sundance TV) – Premieres 18th November – Miniseries

True crime documentary that covers the 1959 murder of the Clutter family. In the doc it uses archive news footage, along with statements and recorded interviews of the police that covered the case. As well as having current day interviews with friends, family and the living relatives of the police members.

As it covers the events leading up to the incident and the fallout after the bodies were discovered, the doc begins to slowly bring in statements from the two men who performed the murder. Where it starts to reveal what they were doing before and after the event.

The opening ep is a slow burner, but like how Badlands Texas slowly introduced murder narrative, the gradual introduction of the killers perspective it begins to add a level of intrigue to watch the next one.


Last Stop Garage (Discovery)


Last Stop Garage (Discovery) – Premieres 23rd October

Following CRB Automotive, a garage in Labrador, Canada. Where being the only garage in a remote part of the country, they have to bodge together machinery to tackle any problems they face.

Along the Scrapyard Challenge style solutions they come up with this is a show that is mainly a group of co-workers dicking about and coming up good at the end of the day.

It’s at best a bit of background viewing, and nothing you’d go out of your way to watch.


The Day I Met El Chapo (Netflix)


The Day I Met El Chapo (Netflix) – Premieres 20th October – Miniseries

Documentary that recounts the events that occurred after Mexican actress Kate del Castillo sent out a tweet that referenced the drug lord El Chapo and was widely misinterpreted.

After weathering the initial storm of news coverage, two years later Kate finds herself chatting with Fernando Sulichin and Olivier Stone where they talk about their interest in making a film about El Chapo. Kate then gets the added coincidence of El Chapos lawyers getting in contact with her about them giving the rights for Guzmans life story to her.

This then leads to Sean Penn getting involved with the project and for Kate and Sean heading off to Mexico for a face-to-face meeting with Guzman, which ultimately leads to his capture.

While showing the events of the main story, the programme also covers the history of Mexico and their love of Robin Hood style folklore, as well as the back story of both del Castillo and El Chapo. It’s worth a watch.